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Welcome to our group’s home page. Here is the web site of Haino’s laboratory in Hiroshima University. Our research field is supramolecular chemistry, in particular molecular recognition.


Molecular recognitions of di- and tri-topic biscalix[5]arene hosts. They show strong affinity for the fullerenes in a dumbbel-shaped linear guest to form supramolecular polymers (Takeharu Haino).


Molecular recognition is a chemical phenomenon. A molecule recognizes other molecule or the same molecule through favorable intermolecular interaction such as van der Waals interaction, hydrogen bonding, and π-π stacking interaction to form a complex called as a host-guest complex. Our group has utilized this phenomenon to develop supramolecular polymers, supramolecular photoluminescence materials, and supramolecular capsules. In addition to these researches, our group is now starting new project – the combination of supramolecular chemistry and graphene, in particular graphene quantum dots (GQDs) for the creation of carbon-based functional materials as well as understanding their physical and chemical properties from the view point of organic chemistry.


Our group is now looking for master and Ph.D students. For students who have interest in our laboratory, please contact prof. T. Haino. Email: haino( at )hiroshima-u( dot )ac( dot )jp.

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